Unlocking on other members' boards

jenny InnovationMember

Our team has a desire to copy and leverage each other's content in our open rooms. We're running into the issue of not being able to unlock elements in another's board in order to copy it. Is there any other workaround for this other than asking the owner to be made a facilitator of that board?


  • Amanda
    Amanda Community Professional Community Manager admin

    @jenny great question! I am also interested in other answers. 📖

    For my murals, I only use the super lock ("Only Facilitators can unlock) when it's something I absolutely don't want moved, which is rare. For every thing else, I lock them to "Any member can unlock". 🔓

    I'd be tempted to ask people as best practice to lock things as "Any member can unlock" most of the time, going forward! 📅


  • jenny
    jenny Innovation Member

    Thank you @Amanda! I'm going to double check with my team but I do believe we're all using 'Any member can unlock' but still running into the inability to unlock down the line. This will be a good reminder for everyone in case some are choosing 'Only Facilitators' 😉

  • arissa_MURAL_Support
    arissa_MURAL_Support Operation MURAL Team

    Hi @jenny Arissa here from MURAL Customer Support! Happy to look into this for you. Would you be able to share through private message the link to your mural so I can take a quick look? Thanks! 😊

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