How to setup automatic more than 300-800 different Boards

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Hello together,

I have about 300-800 records in Airtable with lots of text, pictures and videos, pptx. I want to put them into a workbook in Mural. 

I would like to set up a template for them and each record should have its own mural board. The templates all have the same design.

The texts in the records are different. 

As an example: 

Record 1: in the cell Risks the contents a, b, c, de

Record 2: in the cell Risks the contents c, x, y

Now I want to set up an automation that automatically copies the boards from the template and changes the corresponding cells and texts.I want to share these boards with my students.

I don't want the sticky notes to be unsorted in the areas, but that the max. 20 sticky notes are sorted in two 10 rows at the bottom.

Now I have some questions:

1. i have seen that the sticky notes IDs stay the same when copying the board.

Is this also the case for texts? The export - right mouse button - to a CSV does not result in any values. What is the easiest way to get the IDs of the texts?

2. i thought the easiest way is to create a board with the right design. These few hundred sticky notes can then be easily identified by the text of the sticky note and the ID. 

I would then search in a routine for a text e.g. Risk1 (the first sticky note on the left) and the corresponding ID and then swap the text in a sticky note update.

What do you think of this? What are the arguments against it?

  1. Well, now it gets difficult.

I'm pretty good with RegEx and Keyboard Maestro on the Mac, but the last time I learned a programming language was 35 years ago.

What do you recommend JavaScript or Python? JS would be fine directly in Airtable, but I'm unsure.

4 I would run the program locally on the Mac, if it's Python. 

But I'm not sure about OAuth, I don't know anything about that.

What tips do you have? I have read a lot, but am still without good direction.

Thanks for the beginner questions

Thank you