See How Many Mural a Member owns and has access to

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As a workspace admin, I'd like to be able to see how many Murals a member owns and how many they have access to when viewing the list of members/guests. Even better would be if I could then click on that number and see the list by Mural title and see who the Mural Owner is.

Reasons/Use Cases:

I have people who have requested a member license but have never created a Mural ever. What they really needed was a guest license, but they didn't know the difference and requested the wrong one. These users are constantly getting disabled in our true up process and then re-requesting activation. I'd like to be able to coach the people who have a member license but have no murals that they own, that they might be better off creating a guest account. Likewise, it would be great, if as an admin, instead of deactivating them, I could move them to a guest account myself (but I realize this would be a complicated process on your end bc you'd essentially have to deactivate them as a member, and then send them an invite to create a guest account and pw).

Also, there may be times when I want to see the list of Mural someone owns and select which Murals should be owned by someone else on their team and which Murals I should take ownership of when deactivating (ie, Murals that haven't been access in more than 3 months, I might want to own/archive unless someone specifically requests them, while active Murals, I might want to transfer to another member who has access to the Mural).

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