Embracing Mural in the Classroom w/ Jeff Eyet

AmyS admin
edited January 26 in Mural University

Last semester, I caught up with Jeff Eyet, lecturer at Berkeley University and co-founder of The Berkeley Innovation Group, on how he has continued to infused Mural throughout his classes.

Don't look at Mural, or any technology for that matter, as an all or nothing outcome. Look at it as an enhancer. How does it improve the student experience? And if you can find 2 or 3 places throughout the semester to incorporate Mural, to improve the student experience, just as I did with ideation…That's how I think you can really amplify your work as a teacher, but yet not devalue you as the focus of that learning or information exchange with the student.”

Take a look at how Jeff embraced Mural over the years, piece by piece, to help create a collaborative learning space (online or in class) for his students.