Please fix this major drawback: not able to download url links (weblinks) which have been pasted.

Current process:

URL link can be copied (ctrl+C) from web browser address line.

Then URL link can be pasted (ctrl+V) into the Mural.

This is one of the most useful functions of Mural. You can collect and share weblinks and enter the links with double click.


There is no way to download all the weblinks which have been pasted. I have tried many ways and talked to customer support.

Please don't tell me to click the links one by one, or to enter the links into the text boxes or sticky notes. That defeats the whole purpose of this feature, and is time consuming and cumbersome.


Please add a way with which the URL links that were pasted with ctrl+V into the Mural, can be downloaded into csv in the same way as the other content can be downloaded.

This should not be difficult technically, and will add a lot of value into Mural. 🚀

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