See ALL Murals I have created

I want to be able to see ALL Murals I have created. From what I understand I can see Recently Opened, Starred, and Recently Modified Murals, but where are the other ones I have created. If I can't remember the name I gave the Mural board, I am not able to search for it. It seems very odd that I can't see all of my boards. I would love this feature to be added!!!

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  • Just adding my comment to this -- I'm really surprised MURAL removed the ability to see all MURALs. I have over 100 MURALs in my workspace and "recently opened" MURALs (how it currently sorts) only shows 25 MURALs.

    The MURAL team has told me to use the search function to type in the title of the Mural I'm looking for -- only problem is, how am I supposed to remember the titles of 100+ Murals if I don't have an easily accessible view?

  • Exactly right! I don't know how your boards are grouped, but if I go below the ROOMS section under the Workspace heading on the lower left side, I see a star with my personal room and a star for a main room for our whole program. I think all of the murals I have created are in there because I am seeing over 60 boards. But I'm not sure, so that is not very reassuring!! I am using Mural for everything now-I am a little out of control--so I need a better way to organize and find old boards.