💡 Feature Idea: In-Person Brainstorming

During this interim time as we straddle between in-person activities and fully-digital, there are advantages to having hybrid solutions combining best of both worlds.

Current state: I'm hosting an event (brainstorming, feedback session, etc) and many participants will not have their computer with them. It's not realistic for them to download an app, nor is the app experience great (no offense), particularly for new users even if they did download it.

Future state: All participants scan a QR code to go to a web-app. From there, they're able to connect with a primary computer casting to a TV or projector in the room. The Mural board is visible to everyone in the room on the projector and the webapp acts as an intermediary making a light-weight version that is extremely accessible. Something like JackBox Games (https://www.jackboxgames.com/). The event lead/host would put fences around the stickies that he/she wants the participants to submit to which would further simplify the UX for the participants. The users may only see a couple sticky options (each of them reflecting a fenced in area on the Mural board) and a timer.

The result is that new users can use their phones like a remote and participate in a simplified version of the activity eliminating the barrier to entry and reducing input errors (dragging stickies, entering in the wrong category, changing sticky color, etc)

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