ICYMI! 2023 Tips from Mural's vision board session 🔮

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In case you missed it, our team hosted a Vision Board session with Mural users around the globe this week! The session was hosted by Emem Adjah, Heads of Ads Quality at Google, and Emilia Åström at Mural and gave us all inspiration and a tiny community of support.

A few things we shared:

The Vision Board Template, of course! 🔮

  • If you were unable to join us, start here! This template is a perfect way to envision your goals in a visual space. How frequently should you revisit it? 1-3 months at a time, according to participants during the session.

A Ten Year Plan for Achieving your Dreams

  • This card deck was recommended as a conversation starter (with friends, teammates, or in private) to help envision life in a more meaningful way.

For writers: Mine to Tell Courses

  • Writing courses are a great option to help with moving beyond writers block and into control with your content.

Atomic Habits: Keep four main topics for goal setting

  • According to James Clear, keeping 4 concepts in mind for goal setting helps with retention and motivation to keep focused.

Women Need to Realize Work Isn't School

  • This post is packed with reminders that disruption is truly key in challenging the way we do business and work as usual.

Playing Big by Tara Mohr

This book is about – not “big” external markers of success, but playing big with your real dreams for your life and career.

What things, content or people are helping you stay motivated in the new year? For those who attended and those who could not, what kinds of content would help you have an extraordinary year in Mural?

Thank you, @Emilia and Emem for this fantastic conversation- see you all next month!