💡Feature Idea: Optimize formatting for icon/image & format of pasted LINKS

LISAZ Business TransformationMember
edited May 10 in Feature Ideas

I would like a more intuative version of changing an image on a link rather then adding a link - drag & drop would be much easier. Also the resizing of links is very limited and would be great to chosse the format of the link "box" freely

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Would you like to see this feature in MURAL?:eyes: Up vote the idea and comment below why this is important to you.


  • Amanda
    Amanda Community Professional Community Manager admin

    @LISAZ, thank you for this idea! Can you add a little bit to what you would about what you would like to be able to control 🎛 when you format the link "box". I would love to have a larger target to click on to open the link.

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