February 06 Web Release: New integrations and accessibility enhancements!

February is for new integrations and accessibility enhancements! Learn more about Figma, Azure DevOps, OneDrive, and more!

This month we’re bringing your workflows some love — and efficiency! Export Figma frames into murals, create new work items in Azure DevOps from sticky notes in Mural, import cloud files from OneDrive, and check out the latest partner-built apps, Livestorm and Sprintbase. Plus, we have new accessibility enhancements for keyboard and screen reader users as part of Mural’s ongoing commitment to accessibility. Learn more below!

🖼 Our Figma plugin is now live! 

With a centralized space for collaboration and powerful integrations, Mural synchronizes work across apps for faster, smoother workflows, and extraordinary teamwork. Mural's new Figma plugin enables design teams to communicate and collaborate with critical non-designers and stakeholders across your organization. Now you can easily export frames from Figma to Mural to kick off brainstorming sessions, gather ideas from other teams, and free up time for more creativity. Try out the plugin and for tips to get started,check out the user guide and new template for design reviews.

🔁 Create new work items in Azure DevOps from sticky notes in Mural

Last year we released the Mural Azure DevOps (ADO) integration, giving Mural members the ability to import work items as sticky notes directly from ADO to help teams visualize work during agile ceremonies. Now, Mural members can also create new work items in Azure DevOps from sticky notes in a mural. Send action items from sprint retrospectives, or plan a feature in Mural and send sticky note content directly to your Azure DevOps project to save time and keep workflows connected. Get started

☁️ OneDrive integration is now generally available

Our Microsoft OneDrive integration is back and better than ever! Now, Mural members can import cloud files from OneDrive for connected collaboration across Mural and Microsoft 365. Connect Mural to your OneDrive to find and share content from your favorite Microsoft 365 apps directly into Mural. Learn more.

💖 New accessibility enhancements for keyboard and screen reader users

Last year, we released our new user interface (UI) delivering a fresh Mural experience that’s modern and intentional, and includes changes to our color palette, font choices, and design elements for a more accessible Mural. Building on this recent release, today we’re launching a new set of accessibility enhancements designed to further improve the experience of keyboard and screen reader users.

  • We’ve refreshed our Create a mural modal to allow users to navigate between templates using their arrow keys — giving keyboard users a more streamlined path to select and open a new mural or template. 
  • In our new UI, we’ve also implemented the W3C Toolbar Pattern for more efficient movement around the canvas. This pattern allows users to easily move between toolbars and dramatically reduces the number of tab stops, saving time and making engagement with mural content more intuitive. 
  • Also in the new UI, we’ve added three new skip links to easily navigate to a specific section in the canvas, “Go to canvas,” “Shortcuts” and “Go to navigation controls” – enabling users to quickly and easily skip to the desired place in the canvas.

Our accessibility work is ongoing. Stay tuned for more updates to help members collaborate and contribute with ease. Learn more about screen reader and keyboard shortcuts and other accessibility features in Mural.

🌟 Check out the latest integrations from our developer community built using the Mural API

🎥 Make your next meeting more engaging with Mural + Livestorm. Livestorm’s video engagement platform manages every stage of your event in a single place. Now, you can add Mural to Livestorm to make your next meeting or event more engaging — perfect for brainstorming sessions, workshops, and project planning. More collaboration, more extraordinary teamwork. Get started by checking out Livestorm’s user guide

💙 Sprintbase is now integrated with Mural! Sprintbase’s platform enables facilitators to run live workshops, and guide teams through a structured innovation process to harness the power of design thinking. Expand your visual workspace and work in Mural without leaving Sprintbase. Get started by checking out the user guide.

Need even more inspiration? See how consulting firm La CoCreadora integrated Mural into their platform to help teams develop their innovation capabilities. 

Extend Mural across your workflows and create something new. Build your next idea at mural.co/api 

💘 And a small but mighty enhancement:

  • Starred rooms are now available from the left sidebar in the collaboration center! Members can now curate which rooms they care most about having one-click access to from the Rooms section of the left sidebar by starring or un-starring them from the rooms table. The list of starred rooms in the selected workspace can also be expanded or collapsed, and that state will be maintained throughout your sessions.