Nest or link a board within another board

Some of our boards have grown really large. They often reference other boards or content on other boards. It would be super useful, and really efficient, to be able to embed and link one board in another.

Here's a trivial example to illustrate the idea. I have a board to plan lunch. I have other boards for planning a new sandwich recipe and a brownie recipe. If I could visibly link the sandwich and brownie boards in the lunch board, I could more easily see and manage the menu plan. And if I want a sandwich for dinner, I could avoid duplication by linking the sandwich board inside a dinner planning board. Updates to the sandwich board would be automatically reflected in the lunch and dinner boards.

This sounds trivial for planning lunch or dinner, and maybe it is, but some of our strategy boards have 1000+ stickies, and grouping and areas only go so far.

We also have some boards with shared information that make it difficult to create variations or brainstorm a variety of additions. This would help with that.

I know I can make a "dumb" version of this by taking a screenshot of the "child" board, placing it in the "parent" board and adding a link to the child board. But this doesn't update when the child board is updated. That severely limits the usefulness.

This is kind of like smart objects in Adobe CC, or components in Figma, or linked objects in many other applications.

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