Impossible to export to PDF

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Hey everyone,

I'm having difficulty with exporting to PDF and have done for months and months and months.

I've tried contacting customer support in chat etc and it never gets sorted.

The PDF export doesn't get sent to me :(

Please can someone help?

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  • Seb_from_MURAL
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    Hi @emmabiermann ! Did you write from the email listed on your profile here? I couldn't find any tickets under it.

    If you can email us at [email protected] or open up a chat with us through the app's help menu, one of our agents should be able to help you troubleshoot. That might be a bit faster if there's urgency, but feel free to send me a visitor link to your mural via DM and I can help you troubleshoot. My shift is ending soon though, so keep that in mind.




  • Seb_from_MURAL
    Seb_from_MURAL Mural Team mod

    Hi Lorna!

    I checked our system and could verify that the email is not getting sent - this might be due to some sort of unsupported element within the mural you're sending for export. Would you be able to share a visitor link to your mural so I can take a quick look?


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    Thanks @Seb_from_MURAL!

    @lorna182, you can DM Seb the link here by

    1. Clicking on Seb's username
    2. Clicking on the button labeled "Message"📧
    3. Sending the visitor link and typing away

  • Hello, I am having the same issue and have emailed customer support but have not received a response. My client is waiting for a download of the mural board! Are you able to help me out please? Thank you.

  • Hi Seb,

    Thanks for having been so ready to help me out. [email protected] have in the meantime helped me out and indeed I think I was expecting the download to come under this email address, however I must have signed up with my other account and that is where the pdf has landed.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi @lorna182, just an update: MURAL is now hosts an exporting option! Let us know if you need help walking through it; happy to help. See our recent release information for further details.