How to Run Class Retrospectives with Students

AmyS admin
edited February 16 in Mural University

Many times during a semester, instructors ask, “how might I get my students involved in providing actionable feedback?, and, “how might I teach them effective methodologies for feedback that they could use again in their own work?”

A great way to involve students in a deeper reflection of the “how” and “what” of their learning would be to participate in a high-quality retrospective. Retrospectives are built for more than simple feedback, they guide students by asking pertinent questions that allow for future growth, initiate change, and encourage thinking outside the box. Retrospectives can be used with your students to pause and reflect on how they are experiencing your course, project, or class activities.

Running a retrospective with Mural is easy. You’ll want to ensure that your retrospective is aligned with your goals moving forward and is safe and accessible for students to share their ideas and feedback. Plus, you will always have a shared document that you, or any student, can reference in the future.

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