Help! Why can't my Visitors contribute/edit any more?

Hello all - very confused

We're on the 'lifetime free' plan which has been amazing. There are currently four set up as Members/Admins.

Previously, I could send people the Visitor link and they could edit. So I could use Mural with clients - Entire Point Of Exercise.

This year (having not used it for a bit), suddenly it says my plan doesn't allow visitors to edit. I've been back and forth (haltingly - they must be very overloaded). I don't understand what they say - it might be something to do with too many users (removed) or too many Murals (now archived).

I'm willing to pay to upgrade (if I can find out the details), but so far that hasn't been forthcoming and the system is broken - if I click 'upgrade' it 'notifies my account admin', but I set up the account.

I'm also a little confused by the profusion of 'rooms' - it seems I can't archive the murals of others? How is this helpful, especially when I'm the owner.

I have a workshop session all day Monday and would deeply appreciate any help so my clients can *use the Mural!*



PS You can't add your own tags? But #professors is a tag? But 'visitors' and 'account issues' are not?!


  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭
    edited February 23

    Hi @Antlerboy! Are you still having issues with this? Happy to reconnect you support or other Muralista's to support.

    If you the workspace you are in is not on a plan, visitors will not have ability to edit.

    From the Community perspective, could you test the tagging function again? Things should be good to go for you now.