Light Up Certain Boxes

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Hi there, I was thinking about a feature that would be really cool and also really helpful if you are trying to showcase certain items/boxes at once and make them stand out. If there was a feature to light up boxes by choosing which ones you want in the "light-up group" and then click some sort of toggle for that category you created, and then have them light up/glow/standout and have everything else not in that category be grayed out/dimmed. For example, I am working on a process map that includes 20 different teams and 10 different states. I am trying to showcase each team and states process, and color coordinating each one just isnt enough of a differentiator. If I could click a button and have one team from all different states light up at once (and have all the other teams be grayed out) that would be a really cool feature. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can explain anything better.

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