Folders in company templates

We have a enterprise licence as a company and share templates with each other. We are missing the option to organize them into folders, so they can be easier found by colleagues according to their interest - similar to the the Mural templates. Would it be possible to develop that function? I could imahgine that would be of interest for larger organizations.


  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi @JohannaW! Thank you for your question. The folders functionality should be supported by Mural; happy to share a view of my own below. Folders are available in each Workspace.

    Is this the functionality you're looking for? Let me know if this misses the mark.

  • Hi Meghan, no, we have a company folder with our branded templates as we have the enterprise version. There, we cannot organize the templates in thematic folders, so it is just a random collection and hard for colleagues to find the right one...

  • Claire
    Claire Mural Team mod

    Hi @JohannaW! Claire here, I'm on the Mural product team and my domain includes our template capabilities. Thanks so much for sharing this area of friction for you and your team, it helps us ensure the right opportunities for improvement are prioritized! We are actively working on improvements in this area to improve workspace template management, organization, and categorization capabilities. I would love any additional details, screenshots, or thoughts you have in this area if you're willing to share more! If so, will reply in this thread! Thanks again for helping us improve the Mural product :)