😎 Quick tips: How to edit a Mural template

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edited March 7 in Templates

Sometimes it can be hard to find a template that exactly fit your needs. It's actually very easy to edit and customize any template to fit your needs and purpose. 🤯

There are many ways you can edit and customize our templates. You can:

  • remove or add activities to adjust for the time you have available,
  • adapt the template for the number of participants,
  • or modify the visuals and shapes to fit your needs.

Watch as we show how we edit and custoize two of our favourite templates:

How to edit a Mural template - Watch Video

Here are the templates seen in the video:

Recap of the template tips we shared last weeks:

What parts of templates or murals do you most often edit before a session? Adjusting the space for more or less participants? Changing the timing? Adding or removing activities?

Share your best tips in the comments, or ask us a question about editing! 🤗