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Mogg MCN
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More versatility within the outline would be helpful. For example:

• Reproduce audio/visual material.

• Links to elements inside the board.

• Drag & drop of documentation and resources.

If I remember something else, I'll add it.

Cheers! 😎

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  • Hey @Mogg! Thanks for this idea. Can you tell me a little bit more about these two?

    1. reproduce audio/visual material
    2. Link to elements inside the board
    3. drag and drop documentation and resources

    Is that you want them available in the outline, but you don't want them on the mural itself?

    What problem are you trying to solve with these three ideas? Excited to hear from you and see what other people think!

  • Mogg
    Mogg MCN

    Hey @Amanda, nice to meet you.

    First, it would be handy to have more versatility in the Outline instructions, like a preview of instructional videos and documentation files. For example, instead of adding the resources (documentation, videos) for facilitators within the Board, they could be added in this space.

    Second point: in the Outline instructions, there could be links to elements or sectors on the Board, in which the facilitator left clicks, and the viewer moves him/her there, making the outline instructions semi-transparent until he/she left-clicks again. This tool would make it easier for some facilitators who are just becoming familiar with the methods on the Board to navigate to key points.

    Third point: if the outline allowed adding documentation files, it would be highly convenient to have those documents added via drag & drop.

    I hope I have explained myself well, and thank you for hearing our opinions! 😀

  • Thanks for the extra info! We appreciate you sharing it all with us. I think I can see it a little better. ✨