💡 Template Idea: BRIDGeS framework

When coming up with solutions, we want to avoid the back and forth. Either we're blindsided by new problems, missed opportunities we could've spotted or we simply came up with something irrelevant... and a headache. 🤕

There are lots of tools for product discovery, decision-making and solutions development - some offer a user-centric approach, others are good for strategies and others for tactical decisions. But most of these are focused on a single type of Subject (a user, a company, a product) and the actual systems are way more complex. Each context may include multiple Subjects that can be described from different perspectives.

Negleting any of them could give us trouble and another trip back to the drawing board.

Sooo, we need an all-in and simple way to describe the problem while taking everyone and everything into account, set priorities, find relevant solutions, break them down and end up with an actionable roadmap or plan.

If you're also in desperate need of something like that, try out BRIDGeS and let me know what you think 😎

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