Agile teams align and get to market faster with Mural and Microsoft

Meghan ✭✭✭
edited February 27 in Mural Product

NEW: Repost from our partners at Microsoft:

During the last two years navigating changing economic climates and a global pandemic that shifted the way we work, we’ve learned that teams can continue to collaborate together productively and effectively in remote and hybrid settings. A recent Microsoft study shows that hybrid work works.1 The biggest risk of a hybrid workforce is not unproductive team members—it's that people are becoming burnt out from too many meetings and a lack of clear, defined priorities.

But it takes intention and leadership to design a company culture where collaboration workflows let everyone contribute equally in retrospectives, standups, planning, and other agile projects where bold ideas and clear alignment are critical to staying competitive in the market. Now, more than ever, agile teams, or any team focused on planning and strategizing are expected seamlessly connect and collaborate regardless of where everyone is working.

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