Copy Excel table in Mural as table (not sticky notes)


I would love to be able to copy an Excel table (or just some rows/cells even) into Mural WITHOUT it being converted to a sticky note or text box. Just as a table.

For example, we want to online brainstorm on (a long list of) quality indicators listed in an Excel sheet. To do this, I am creating a Mural to be able to add sticky notes to each row but also in a general box and make it visually more attractive to look at.

At this moment, I have to copy - paste the information of each cell individually by right clicking each mural table cell, selecting "edit cell" and paste with ctrl+shift+v. This is very time consuming. If I just copy-past, it will create a sticky note, but I just want to have the basic information of the Excel table as a Mural table and THEN add sticky notes.

Would be of great help!! Thanks

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  • Please add this feature… It's incredibly frustrating workaround for Excel when there is literally a table format in Mural that doesn't accept the table standard format for pasting.