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Coming into an existing squad there was a historical set of Murals reverse-ordered by "Modified on" date - which is how I wanted to them to stay. I am an area member (i.e. not visitor) with full edit rights, but short of remembering to hit the "move" [HAND] icon whenever I entered a Mural, it would be good to be able to put yourself into "view-only mode". You only have to move one object on the canvas and the "Modified on" date becomes <today> and the order of eternal history is lost.

In investigating this, I am [now] aware you can sort by "Last Created" rather than "Last Modified" - but it would still be handy to be able to lock oneself our from changing a Mural when desired.

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  • Amanda
    Amanda Community Professional Community Manager admin

    Hi, @GLYNN! Thanks for this idea so excited to see what other people think!

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