Let's talk: Stakeholder Mapping

By creating a stakeholder map, you’ll be able to consider how all the stages of development for your product relate to the people on your team, in your organization, and beyond your company.

As teams within larger organizations become more empowered to make decisions and drive innovation, documentation and generating buy-in take on increasingly important roles. This is where a stakeholder analysis comes into play.

With proper documentation, it’s possible to effectively communicate thought processes, plans, and analyses in both directions (whether asynchronously or in real time), ensuring that leadership understands the reasoning behind new product or feature development, as do the employees tasked with carrying out the individual tasks. 

Creating a clear representation of your rationale for a given approach is a crucial component of creating alignment and fostering an environment of transparency. When developing new products or building new features, it's important to consider who will be involved, who will be affected, and to what extent. 

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