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I can ad nearly anything my content library, but I can't ad tables. so now that I've moved my service blueprints from boxes and lines to tables, I can no longer eep them in my content library and have had to resort to having a "library" mural I have to open to copy/paste from.

link to comment about content library in the "make tables" original idea:

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  • I tend to create a LOT of my content in tables now. Please add the ability to add tables to Content Library for ease of reuse.

  • I have some very complex tables that I would really love to be able to group with other items and add to my content library. I have tried everything that I can think of so far but cannot seem to get this to work for me.

    Any updates on the ability to do this?


  • I use tables to build grids of information or images that are always part of my overall board and often key component in templates I'd like to reuse. PLEASE, allow us to add tables to content library. Currently I have to retype all my table headings, remove the table, repaste the headings in the appropriate places as a work around.