🗳️ Poll: How do you start the day with your teams?

Starting your meeting with a warmup is a great way to bond with your team every day. Is it the first, or the last meeting of the day? Get everyone energized with a quick and engaging game! With the warmup and energizer templates in our library, there is an icebreaker/warmup for every taste and context. 💞

Take a look at a few of our most used warmup templates in the Mural library. These will inspire you to get your creative juices flowing by talking through the most engaging topic, get a sense of where everyone is or by even sharing what books are being read across your department.

Icebreaker Template #1: Virtual Watercooler

Icebreaker Template #2: Where in the World are You?

Icebreaker Template #3: Team Bookshelf

What's your favourite warmup? Vote in our poll! Did we leave out your favourite? Let us know which one is your go to way to start a meeting in the comments!

🗳️ Poll: How do you start the day with your teams?

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