How your work's biggest paint points can be solved using Mural

Pain points can be divided into two main categories: usability pain points and customer service pain points.

  • Usability pain points are related to the usability of a product or service, such as difficulty navigating the website, slow loading times, or confusing navigation menus.
  • Customer service pain points are related to customer service, such as long wait times, unhelpful customer service agents, or lack of response to customer inquiries.

Identifying and addressing these pain points can help you improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Specific examples of pain points

There are many examples of pain points, ranging from minutiae to macro-level issues. A few common examples are:


  • Difficulty accessing a website
  • Slow loading times
  • Confusing navigation menus
  • Inaccurate search results
  • Difficult checkout process

Customer service

  • Unhelpful customer service agents
  • Lack of response to customer inquiries
  • Lack of clear next steps to address user questions or problems
  • Long wait times on customer service calls
  • Limited or confusing information on company policies and procedures

Looking for clear solutions or ways to address these pain points? Read on via the Mural Blog.