Feature idea: Add ability to revert the text of a sticky to the Activity Log

Right now, when the text of the sticky is modified, the only way to change it back is using the undo button at the top of the mural or pressing the command/Ctrl Z as soon as the action was made. However, if you close the tab, or log out, or otherwise end your Mural session, that ability to undo is lost. The activity log shows you the change made to the sticky, but will not revert the original text.

This happens often to me —  I select a sticky that already has content, navigate away using a shortcut key combo (e.g. command + 1), e.g. to reference another supporting document, then return to the Mural. The contents of the sticky are overwritten to just say "1". If I happen to catch this during a session, that's all fine and I can undo it, but if I don't, I can't undo using the Activity Log.

Proposing adding the ability to revert the text of a sticky in Activity Log, and/or prevent a sticky text from being edited if there's more than one key pressed at the same time.

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