How are you doing? Two templates for listening to lived experiences

We are humans first. Our connection to each other is the heart of collaboration and the heart of our community. So for our Template Tuesday, a ritual we embrace on the MURAL Community Forum, here are two templates to help you put your people first and ask genuinely, "How are you doing?"

Empathy and Experience Mapping

One of the simplest ways we can gain understanding is through active listening to a person's lived experiences. Through this template, your role as facilitator will lead the participant to ask questions about their journey for more thoughtful design thinking.

Emotions Map

Start your meeting with an emotions check-in. Write your name in one of the small grey circles and drag it to the color in the center of the image to indicate your emotional state right now. Share and reflect on how everyone is feeling.

After the check-in

Consider balancing and prioritizing your collective workload. Some things probably have to get done. Work together to get them done and care for each other.

So, really. How is your team doing? How are your teams caring for each other right now?