Framework and Tips for Kicking off a New Project in Mural

A project kickoff meeting is the first meeting held at the beginning of a project. It's an opportunity for the project team to come together, establish goals and objectives, and set roles and expectations. The kickoff meeting is usually led by the project manager and attended by all team members, stakeholders, and any relevant outside parties.

Common types of project kickoff meetings

While every project has its own idiosyncrasies and quirks, generally speaking, there are two common types of project kickoff meetings:

Internal project kickoff meeting

An internal project kickoff meeting is held among the project team and relevant stakeholders, such as department heads or executives. This type of kickoff meeting is focused on building alignment among the team and establishing a clear plan for how the project will be executed.

External or client-facing kickoff meeting

An external or client-facing kickoff meeting is held with the client or outside parties who will be impacted by the project. This type of kickoff meeting is focused on building rapport with the client, establishing goals and objectives, and setting expectations.

How do you frame kickoff calls, both internal and external? Interested in learning how to frame your next kickoff call? Read on via the Mural Blog.