Custom Icons

I would like to suggest adding the ability to create custom icons and/or shapes. Most Microsoft products allow you to import .SVG files and easily resize and recolor them. Mural only allows you to import .PNG files with no option to recolor. This would really help companies create a more branded space.

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  • I would like to be able to add to this idea.

    It would be good to have the option to be able to enter text within, similar to sticky notes

    Also, in a selected area around the icon.

    ps. I know I can add text box and then group but would be easier to be able to automatically include a text box with custom icon/image for easier reuse

  • I would like to vote for both ideas and extend the thought of text appearing in select areas around icons (assuming above, below, etc) to shapes. This would allow us to use Mural for creating things like network diagrams using the custom Azure icons (, if you could include the icons, it would be even better.