Add hotkeys for view saving & restoring for members

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Hi! I'm looking for a way to save views and switch between them with hotkeys, but specifically as a member / not a facilitator. I am aware of the outline zooming, but I need something as a member.

Use case:

We have a large project-wide mural for cross-team planning, and I have two main areas of the mural I switch between as data is cross referenced between them... but it's a royal pain in the ass to zoom out and navigate to the other area every time, even with the minimap.

Ideally, I'd love to save my current view to a hotkey (like ALT-1), and then whenever I'm somewhere else I can just press that hotkey to go back to the saved view.

And then hopefully a few different views too, so I'd be hopping between ALT-1 and ALT-2 or something like that. That would boost my productivity in mural heaps :)

Suggested behaviour:

  • Restore saved view: ALT-1 through ALT-6 (or more)
  • Save current view: SHIFT-ALT-1 through SHIFT-ALT-6
  • Saved views persist per-mural across sessions and are saved at least to the browser localstorage, if not to the user account.
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