Adding/Using Speaker Notes in MURAL

We are starting to move towards MURAL and away from PowerPoint. The confusion is how to add and use speaker notes to the MURAL to assist the facilitator without allowing the audience to see those notes. Has anyone done this successfully? How?


  • @adrianez I use Mural in this way for a virtual collaborative, training type conversation. The only way around this that I have found, was to create a duplicate Mural board with speaker notes. This requires a speaker/facilitator and a presenter/facilitator to run the session. The speaker will primarily be using the board with the notes and the presenter and participants are in the group board. The presenter does all of the facilitation of the participant board and the speaker follows them using their board/notes to facilitate the conversation. It is very seamless to the participants but it takes some coordination on the facilitators parts to make it that way. It's definitely not ideal but we make it work.

    As a facilitator with superpowers, I want to be able to easily limit what content non-facilitators/participants are able to view on the Mural board, so that I can have facilitator notes on the same board as the participants without them seeing it. 

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    Awesome answer, @SarahStarmer. @caryjslopez @ancacastillo- any perspective on this one?@susannahaaslyons