Let's talk about onboarding | Template Tuesday

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In a recent article from Fortune, Paychex surveyed over 1,000 workers who started their current job in the last year and found that 80% of respondents who felt undertrained from poor onboarding plan to quit soon.

This Template Tuesday, we're sharing a few onboarding templates to keep you on track.

1. Plan an onboarding road trip: Put key information in front of your new teammate, make it efficient, and remember that onboarding is ongoing.

2. Connect around the virtual watercooler: Introducing new hires to teammates across the company can help them develop lasting relationships with people and the organization.

3. Team health check-ins: It's important to stay connected as a team to get ahead of challenges before they appear—and tackle them once they show up. Use this template weekly: 

Onboarding in a hybrid world is challenging, but it's a challenge that employers must get right or they'll soon be doing it again. These templates will help employees hit the ground running and become lifelong champions of the company and brand.

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