Text update on mural

Hi, I am using the API to add and update Stickies on my mural. I can successfully update a sticky, however, the text does not update on the mural itself. If I query the widget via the API, I can see the text has been updated.

I receive a 200 HTTP code response with the following body, the updated tag appears on the sticky notes, but the text remains as the old value:

Updating widget f840c461-4189-4ac2-9999-30ab431bc36a XXP-4673: Your reg

{"value":{"contentEditedBy":{"firstName":"Steven","lastName":"Dodd","type":"member"},"contentEditedOn":1680251775237,"createdBy":{"firstName":"Steven","lastName":"Dodd","type":"member"},"createdOn":1680251775237,"height":260,"hidden":false,"hideEditor":false,"hideOwner":false,"id":"f840c461-4189-4ac2-9999-30ab431bc36a","instruction":"","locked":false,"lockedByFacilitator":false,"parentId":"9-1680187869126","presentationIndex":-1,"rotation":0,"stackingOrder":2240,"title":"Epic","updatedBy":{"firstName":"Steven","lastName":"Dodd","type":"member"},"updatedOn":1680254077565,"width":280,"x":20,"y":148,"hyperlink":"https://xxx.atlassian.net/browse/XXP-4673","hyperlinkTitle":"XXP-4673","minLines":6,"shape":"rectangle","style":{"backgroundColor":"#18A7D7FF","bold":false,"font":"proxima-nova","fontSize":15,"italic":false,"strike":false,"textAlign":"left","underline":false,"border":false},"tags":["tag-1680249602807"],"text":XXP-4673: Your -Understand requirements and define architecture design.\n\nStatus: Open\nDue: 29 Dec 2023","type":"sticky note"}}

Here is the python code I am using to update the sticky note:

def updateText(muralId,widgetId,type,text,tag):

  url = "https://app.mural.co/api/public/v1/murals/" + muralId + "/widgets/" + type + "/" + widgetId

  payload = {"tags": [tag],"text": text}

  headers = {

    "Authorization": "Bearer {token}".format(token=token),

    "Accept": "application/json",

    "Content-Type": "application/json"


  success = False

  while not success:


      print("Updating widget {} {}".format(widgetId,text[:20]))   

      response = requests.patch(url, json=payload, headers=headers)


      if response.status_code == 200:


        success = True




    except Exception as e: 




  • stevendodd
    edited March 31

    API response = 200

    API query shows text and tag have been updated

    Mural shows old text

    Mural shows new tag

  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Hi @stevendodd, thanks for sharing this- I'll send your question to a Muralista who can help.

  • Anuj
    Anuj admin

    Hey @stevendodd,

    Is there any rich text in the stickies that you are updating? Can you please share a screenshot of the mural/text that you are trying to update using API?



  • Hi, there is no rich text, I created the sticky with the API. It has a hyperlink and some text.

    Here is the code that are used to create the sticky:

    url = "https://app.mural.co/api/public/v1/murals/" + muralId + "/widgets/sticky-note"  

    payload = {

        "height": 260,

        "presentationIndex": -1,

        "rotation": 0,

        "style": {

          "backgroundColor": backgroundColour,

          "bold": False,

          "italic": False,

          "underline": False,

          "strike": False,

          "font": "proxima-nova",

          "fontSize": 15,

          "textAlign": "left",

          "border": False


        "parentId": parentId,

        "width": 280,

        "hyperlink": "https://xx.com/jira/browse/" + issue["key"],

        "hyperlinkTitle": issue["key"],

        "shape": "rectangle",

        "text": issue["summary"],

        "title": issue["issuetype"],

        "x": 20,

        "y": 148


      headers = {

        "Authorization": "Bearer {token}".format(token=token),

        "Accept": "application/json",

        "Content-Type": "application/json"



      response = session.post(url, json=payload, headers=headers, timeout=(5, 10))


  • Anuj
    Anuj admin

    @stevendodd We are currently working on a fix for this issue. Will keep you informed as soon as a fix is available. Thanks for your patience!