12 Techniques to Improve Client Communication

Effective client communication goes a long way toward developing trust and building a successful business relationship. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to manage communication with various stakeholders across multiple clients. You may be proactive in your communications, but what happens if the client goes silent? What happens if there's a misunderstanding?

When communication breaks down, projects can stall.

Minor disagreements may snowball. Trust can be damaged. It hurts both your team and your client's teams. Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques that can help make conversations easier, foster better relationships, resolve conflicts quicker, save time on back-and-forth emails, and ultimately increase client satisfaction.

This post is for consultants, account directors, client success managers, and anyone whose role requires ongoing communication with clients. Read on for an overview of what good communication looks like and a list of 12 practical ways to achieve it.

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    Also, if possible, come up with templates so you can just hit a few buttons to respond to new inquiries or send people to fill out a form or survey so that you don’t have to waste a bunch of time writing a new email every time.

    Or automate your processes with Asana or some other project management software. Tools for appointments scheduling like https://calday.app/ can be helpful too.