The value of a collaboration mindset: AMA with Mural's Stefan Viragh

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This week's AMA guest is a Muralista who does amazing work! As Senior Manager of Mural's Professional Network, @stefanviragh is truly skilled in work where the asynchronous possibilities of Mural meet the everyday voices of our community. One of my favorite things Stefan shared is how central our community members are to his daily work, which is something I am driven by too.

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Hi Stefan! What’s your current city? What are some cities you’ve lived in or worked from?

I'm currently in Denver, Colorado, but I've worked and lived in Boston, MA; Kampala, Uganda; San Francisco, CA; and Portland, OR.

Favorite or last project in Mural:

Re-designing and building the Professional Network’s professional services program. Using a series of Mural templates to reimagine a consulting services program for our customers. This not only required executive stakeholder alignment, but alignment with stakeholders from orgs of the business I hadn’t previously interacted with. Being able to shoot a quick context-setting video to accompany my invitation for feedback was immensely helpful to maintain momentum in an asynchronous way with so many stakeholders. 

What’s your collaboration design sixth sense?

Creating themed collaboration sessions with multi-canvases; designing for transitions from one mural to another. 

You've got to teach us one day how to do the same! Thanks for sharing. What’s currently inspiring you?

The Muralistas I have the privilege of collaborating with every day and every week. Seeing how my teammates work visually is always a source of inspiration for me. 

Pictured below, Mural Company retreat in Buenos Aires

Totally agree. What motivates you most about serving the broader collaboration/facilitation community?

The endless learning and teaching moments. Truly never a dull moment. The community brings a wealth of knowledge that I try hard to not take for granted. Regardless of the interaction, I constantly find myself in humbling circumstances, which is an absolute gift for me. The entire network of professionals leveling up their own skills is motivating for me to see others pushing themselves to new heights.

In a world that is transitioning to hybrid work and asynchronous communication, what do you feel are the best ways to respect someone’s time?

Ask before booking & always have an agenda. Slack’s integration with Clockwise and other calendar apps + Mural’s comments and outline features, have been instrumental in keeping that consistent for me. 

As a community leader at Mural, what is an element of your work that you hope positively impacts those who join your network?

The inclusive and humble collaboration mindset. We have many opportunities to collaborate all together, within the Mural Professional Network, and I aim to prevent the siloed collaboration approach. 

If you could ask the MURAL Community members any question, what would it be?

What drives your loyalty to Mural?