I want to "dim the lights" on the Mural board and spotlight a specific area or note

What I want to do: I'd like to see a feature added where I can "dim the lights" on a Mural board and put a "spotlight" on a specific post-it note or area, so people can be visually directed to an area.

Problem I am trying to solve: As a facilitator, I think the summon feature is good, but sometimes I may forget to do that. I want a more visually dramatic way of grabbing people's attention to get people focused on area or note.

Why this helps me and potentially others: Spotlighting helps people not get confused, distracted, or overwhelmed by other content that is not meant to be part of the discussion. It also ensures people are looking at the same thing. The summon feature is good, but this is an extra step a facilitator can take to ensure alignment.

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