Please add titles for murals when looking inside folders

When trying to find a particular mural inside a folder with say a dozen murals it would be super helpful to have a title to help instantly find the one you want.

At the moment you can see this view only.

Having the title at the top or just under the image would be very useful for finding things and for curating folders.

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  • Hi @PeterSchibli! Thanks for providing this feedback. Titles should be showing on Mural cards within folder views. Can you try a hard refresh (Ctrl+Shift+r) and see if they show up? If not, do we have permission to impersonate your account to see what's happening?



  • HI Madison,

    Just tried the hard refresh but I still see views like this

    If that isn't what I'm supposed to see and if there are titles that could be accessed then great - please do impersonate my account to see what is happening.

    Thanks, Pete

  • I have solved the problem. My adblocker in Chrome was stopping the descriptive headlines from showing up. I had a suspicion that might be the case when I tried Mural on Firefox and saw the headings in place - and viola I was correct. Might be a good top to add to a problem solving FAQ for other people with a similar issue.