đź’ˇFeature Idea: Additional Viewport for Seeing Other Murals or Distant Sections of the Current Mural

II am wishing I had a feature where I can see a specific area of my mural within a floating div.

Why the additional view ports? 

I am working on a section of my mural where I am showing the connections and movement of data between columns in a database and various regions of code within a project. 

I have an EER diagram in my mural showing my overall database structure. The section of the mural I am working in includes only the pertinent columns from the database table that relate to the code for this particular mural. Because of this I am going back and forth referencing the EER diagram that is located somewhere else in my mural to make sure I extract all of the relevant columns. This results in a lot of zooming out, zooming in, changing between move and edit modes. This takes a lot of extra time and having the ability to instead have a secondary viewport that hovers over the area I have to keep referencing would eliminate all of the extra steps. If this feature already exists, It wasn't immediately obvious to me. 

Here are some of the features associated with the additional view port I'd like to see

The div should be moveable, resizable and minimizable. The extra view port would also work with the nice minimap feature you already have provided. This will make it easier to 'hover' the view port over the region of interest. The view port would have its own zoom controls as well. One way the minimap could integrate is by having a tab header on the minimap. One tab would be for your main view port where you already do your editing and navigating. The other tab or tabs would be for the viewports you have open that way when you are using the minimap it is understood which viewport the minimap should be responding to.

Some additional things that would make the additional viewports helpful would be the ability to at least make basic edits so the user can at least copy text from within the viewport to paste into the main editing space of their mural.

It may also be helpful to have the viewport display a section from a different mural all together if the information you need to reference while editing exists in a separate mural.

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