How to release new template?

iva MCN

I would like to release some of my templates. What is the best way to do that?



  • Hey @iva! Sorry for the delay!

    Quick clarification -

    1. Are you wanting to publish your own template? If so, here is the documentation on how to publish a template!🔨🔧
    2. Are you wanting to share your template with other MURAL members? Go ahead and add a discussion to the templates category, and share it there. To get the most out of community, either share and ask to see 👀 other people's templates that meet the same "Jobs to be done" or ask for feedback to refine it 🔃

    Did I understand the question, or were you wondering about something else?

    Thank you!

  • iva
    iva MCN

    Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for response. This is clear. I was wondering how does the template get in the library in the app?

    Thanks, Iva

  • @iva Thanks for replying and for wanting to share a template!✨

    We are, in fact, looking for people to help our community grow. 🌱 One of the ways you can offer to contribute is by submitting a template. If you could, please take a moment and complete this short form. @Kerri would love to hear from you!

    If anyone else is interested in getting involved, please do! Happy collaborating.🎉