Presentation Mode In Template Preview

What I want to be able to do: Be able to start presentation mode when previewing a template

The problem I am trying to solve: Right now, when previewing a template, you have to click in the outline and you can move through the presentation but the look&feel is not as good as when having the presentation mode. You can not hide the outline and continue the presentation, and in the upgraded version, when clicking on the outline it does not focus well on the block you are intending to visualize.

You may want to see the information contained in a template but do not want/need to create a mural from the template, and just explore the data inside the template.

Why this helps everyone (or many people): This way you do not need to create a new mural to explore the information contained in the template properly. This is very helpful when you need to share information contained in a template throughout the organization. They just can preview the template without needing to create a new mural.

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