new Role of visitors: Visitors + Quick Talk

The rights of a visitor in the Free Plan have changed some time ago. Visitors will no longer be able to edit the boards and audio chat (Quick Talk) will no longer be available.

In the plan "Team +" visitors can edit the boards again. What about the audio chat? The help documentation says: "Visitors can not initiate calls with Quick-Talk."

What does that mean in concrete terms? Can I talk to my workshop participants = visitors or not?

Can I start a Quicktalk and my visitors can participate or is there basically no Quick talk for visitors in the "Team +" plan?


  • Meghan
    Meghan ✭✭✭

    Checking on this one for you, @Teufelskomet- help is on the way!

  • Hallo Meghan,

    Is there perhaps a demo version where I can check this?

  • Busra
    Busra Mural Team, Mural Product Manager admin

    Hi @Teufelskomet , we have made the hard decision to no longer support Quicktalk feature, so regardless of the plan it won't be available soon. If you tell us how you used this feature and how it benefited to your workflow, that can help us shape our new features🌸

  • Hallo Busra,

    The outreach is quite simple: I talk +discuss with my participants. Using the chat function with the write + read is difficult when the participants are from different language circles.

    That's why the audio connection is important to me.

    Is an alternative planned? In Miro there is an Video-Chat. Something like this?