Mobile phone and web-browser (Running a Quiz)

This is a question related to private usage, but there might be useful for others as well.

I am riding motorbike and therefore I am also a member of a motorcycle club.

The last years I have arranged a quiz on the annual summer rally. I have tried to use Kahoot (of course it is made by a Norwegian), but I have always had lots of hassle using it.

But, I thought, I have become a quite experienced Mural user! Why not use Mural!!

I can create the questions in outlines and hide them. I can ‘summon all’ and guide them through the questions and the options for the answers.

Now I tried Mural for the first time on my mobile phone (Samsung android). There I discover I must install the app! My search on web also gives me the same answer for IOS.

Is there no way around this? For my task I might get 30-40 visitors that would like to (mostly) follow my show through the mural/quiz-board. This could become a good option if there was a possibility to become a (one time) visitor through a mobile phone by using a (normal) web-browser.

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