❔ Question - What’s your favourite template for retro’s?

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Before we dive 🐳 in, what are Template Tuesdays, you might ask? They are the day we celebrate  templates, learn from each other, show off our 🥇 beauties, and get updates on templates. Stay tuned for next week! 👀

One of the most frequent template requests we get are more templates for different kinds of retro’s. 🦅

As retrospectives are done on a regular basis, weekly or at the end of sprints, changing the questions and theme is a good way to keep them engaging for your team.

Have a retro you loved? Share that!


  • Emilia
    Emilia Learning and Development MURAL Team mod
    edited May 11

    As a student at Hyper Island I was introduced to the Start, Stop, Continue retrospective during our weekly process follow ups.

    I love this method as it can both be used to reflect on the behaviour of a team as a whole and on the individual level.

    The best thing is that it focus on specific actions and behaviours which makes it very practical and it's clear how the improvements can be implemented after.

    You can find the template for the Start, Stop, Continue retrospective in MURAL here!

  • kara
    kara Product Manager MURAL Team mod

    @R_Wood_123 That's one of my favorites too!


  • AshleyB
    AshleyB Choose One admin

    I like this one too! It's great that it has multiple options in it.

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