Retrospectives: tackling what works and what doesn't | Template Tuesday

Meghan ✭✭✭
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One of the best ways to wrap up a project is through a retrospective!

Retrospectives (or ‘retros’) are held at the end of each project or sprint to reflect on what went well, what needs to improve, and what ideas may have potential. The goal is to evaluate past performance to improve process efficiency, teamwork, workflows, interactions, and the team’s definition of done. 

There are many different approaches to sprint retrospective templates, but they generally follow a pattern of asking three questions: What went well? What needs improvement? What ideas do we want to test in the next sprint?

There are many kinds of retrospectives, but one of the most important things to do is use what works build consistency and trust. Additionally, it's important to give yourself the opportunity to make direct comparisons with past sprints and carry over action items directly into your next retro.

This Template Tuesday, try a retrospective with your team, or share a retrospective that has worked well for you and your team!