The Double Diamond Celebrates 20 Years

Today the double diamond celebrates 20 years, and the team at Design Council celebrated with a recent event and share of ways to use it in everyday work.

Mural's own Double Diamond template is a great, simple way to distill information about a problem and how it can be solved.

More from the Design Council:

"The Double Diamond is a visual representation of the design and innovation process. It’s a simple way to describe the steps taken in any design and innovation project, irrespective of methods and tools used.  

In 2003, Design Council was promoting the positive impact of adopting a strategic approach to design and the value of ‘design management’ as a practice. However, they had no standard way of describing the supporting process. Richard Eisermann, Design Council’s then Director of Design and Innovation, thought that this was incompatible with their broader message, so he asked his team, “How do we describe design process?”. 

Of course, kite-shaped process models have been referenced as far back as the 60s, but models of design process were not widely shared at this point. Part of Design Council’s reason for creating the Double Diamond was to address this lack of visibility. "


  • dustin
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    @Emilia This is great. I love the new template. As a long-time LUMAnary, I have been using the Double Diamond for years.

    It's a simple way to think about the steps in a design process (Discover - Define - Develop - Deliver). There's often a desire to start with Develop, then quickly move to Deliver. This is a good reminder to spend some time in the Discover and Define phases before building anything new.

    I also like how it alternates between "divergent" and "convergent" thinking. ♦️♦️

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    @dustin I love using this to reflect on where in the process we are when teaching design. It's a great way to visually explain they different stages we're moving between. I'm also eager to use this template with my team to reflect on our process!