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In the previous interface, when I was in a specific mural, I could click an arrow in Mural and most times, it would take me back to the Room and I could select to enter a different mural. Thas we very useful to use in a training class without having to have too many tabs open. The new user interface got rid of that capability, so I have to use the browser button to go back to the room, but if I moved around the current mural, it can take me multiple clicks on the browser back button to get back to the room.

The US does have the button to go back to the dashboard, but that is rarely what I want to do. In most cases I want to go back to the Room.

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  • Completely agree. There needs to be a simple way to navigate amongst the murals and folders of a Room, without having to constantly switch tabs, or re-enter the room from the Dashboard.