Mural talks AI at Microsoft Build!

Meghan ✭✭✭
edited May 24 in Café

In case you missed it, the week has been an exciting one at Mural (and technically, at Microsoft Build!)

Our recent AI announcement features our new, easy-to-use UI with AI-powered features to create a next-generation, smarter Mural platform so teams across every department can do their best work together.

From MarTech:

“Conceptually, our priority was to inject a visual element to the AI technology that has been shaking up the workplace,” said Matt Heying, head of product at Mural. “With this in mind, our AI capabilities are designed to leverage the uniquely human capabilities of creative problem-solving and collaborative teamwork all in one place with the benefits of AI. By freeing users from various laborious tasks and making the results collaborative and visual, the ability to invest in higher-order thinking becomes a path to formerly untapped productivity and ingenuity.”

We're excited to continue sharing what is to come at Mural; continue following along at Microsoft Build, or read on via our Mural blog to learn more about our work in AI.