New mind map feature - rearranging topics

Hello everyone,

I recently tried the new mind map feature - and think that its implementation is quite simple but yet useful.

But I miss one feature a lot: I'd like to rearrange topics - also in their hierarchy; e. g. moving a topic to a new parent.

Why is this useful?

While brainstorming I normally do not care that much about structure - let it flow ;-) For further usage I have to elaborate my thoughts - thus giving more structure to my mind map. That is when rearranging topics comes into play.

I think this kind of refactoring is a crucial advantage of digital mind mapping.



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  • Please upvote this feature! - needed or mind maps are a bit useless in mural!

  • Other enhancements will be valued however this capability is foundational to a mind mapping product. It will be fully functional when added. Looks great so far!

  • tpl
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    Definitely needed when working teams on mind maps - ability to click, move and attached nodes to a new parent or to consolidate under a new branch. Otherwise, Mural mindmaps are literally unhelpful when every time there is a change, you need to disconnect and reconnnect the nodes again (it'st worst when the map big and more complex)

    Until this feature is up, I think I will still be hanging around Miro

  • This can be achieved by copying or cutting the node you want to move (ctrl+C or ctrl+X) and then selecting the node that you want it connected to as the parent node and paste (ctrl+V)!