Re-activate room guest

Hi, I am a room administrator and I want to reactivate a guest in that room. Unfortunately I am missing the "Reactivate Guest" option. I do only see the option "Remove Guest". How can I solve this?



  • amacca
    edited September 20

    SOLVED: I was trying to reactivate a guest at the Mural board level, and had the same experience. However, I was able to reactivate them at the Workspace level.

    Using the back arrow in the upper left, click back to reach the Workspace level - not the Mural board itself, but the Workspace containing the Mural board.

    Click the pulldown next to the Workspace name and click Manage <workspace name>

    Click on Workspace members

    If any of the invited guests appear in the list as “Inactive guest”, click on the cog icon that appears when you hover over their row (More actions), and then click Reactivate guest